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Aged Pension

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When it’s time to hang up the hat and make the most of your retirement in The Whitsundays, you’ll be glad you have the team at Eclipse Financial Planning to support you. Based in Airlie Beach, Proserpine, the Gold Coast, South Brisbane and our financial advisers are committed to helping retirees maximise their aged care benefits. We’ll help you apply for aged pension and offer relevant advice that’s tailored to you. Once you reach a certain age, you’re entitled to receive a number of health cards including Queensland Seniors Card, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card and Age Pension Card.

The type of pension you’re eligible to receive depends on a number of factors including your age, assets and your income. Your financial security is of utmost importance to us. You can trust that we’ll work with you to help ensure you receive all the benefits that you’re entitled to. 

Centrelink Age Pension

The Age Pension is designed to financially support older Australians in their retirement. Unfortunately applying for the pension and Veterans’ Affairs isn’t straightforward. There are various forms to be completed to meet eligibility. Our friendly financial advisers in the Whitsundays will guide you through the aged pension process every step of the way. The amount of aged pension you receive is dependent on varying factors including your age, income and assets. We’ll help you fill out the necessary forms and complete the income and assets tests. If you’re receiving Centrelink payments, we can help shield your assets from assessment.  

If you live in Airlie Beach, Proserpine, Bowen the Gold Coast or South Brisbane, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our financial advisers. We provide free initial consultations and we’ll be happy to provide aged care advice to help preserve your wealth. Make an appointment with the team at Eclipse Financial Planning.

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Aged Care - Financial advisers In Whitsundays, QLD

Centrelink Health Cards

You’ve worked hard all your life and it’s time to reap the rewards. Our financial advisers are on hand to help you apply for your Queensland Seniors Card, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card and Age Pension Card.

As you move into your 60’s and work less,  you’re eligible to apply for the Queensland Seniors Card. This is a Government initiative to support older Australians that need it and offers concessions for services including vehicle registration, electricity, natural gas, water and rates bills.

For a discount on health care and pharmacy scripts, we’ll determine your eligibility for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card. There’s a number of criteria that needs to be met including residence rules, identity requirements and income test but rest assured we’ll navigate you through the process.

Once you reach the Aged Pension age, as long as you qualify for even a small part Aged Pension, you’re entitled to receive all the benefits the Aged Pension card.

Aged Care Advice

Managing complex financial concerns can be overwhelming and confusing at any age. At Eclipse Financial Planning, we uncomplicate finances so you can focus on what matters. Our advisers aim to provide easy-to-understand aged care advice that’s relevant to your circumstances. 

There’s a number of factors we’ll take into consideration when it comes to financing aged care including: your living situation, accommodation payments, care fees, cash flow and investment plans. Your available assets will help determine a financial solution to meet your needs. For financial advice on receiving the aged pension, retirement or superannuation services in the Gold Coast, South Brisbane, The Whitsundays including Airlie Beach, Proserpine and Bowen then call us at Eclipse Financial Planning today.

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