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Plan For Your Future

Our advisers are well acquainted with the financial market in Queensland—with offices located on the Gold Coast and in South Brisbane and The Whitsundays, including Airlie Beach, Bowen and Proserpine.  If you haven’t begun retirement planning, the time is now! The ideal superannuation and retirement strategy are paramount to living your dream lifestyle when you retire. The earlier you start putting plans in motion, the more financially secure you will be in the future.

Our financial advisers will sit with you to develop an analysis of how much you will need to retire. It’s essential to consider your living costs, expenses, plus any goals you wish to achieve.

When you need a tailored retirement strategy that aligns with your financial goals, make a consultation with our financial advisers in the Whitsundays at Eclipse Financial Planning. 

Super Pensions

Also known as an account-based pension or allocated pension, you’ll have access to your savings from your superannuation fund as a regular income stream. Managing an account-based pension supplements your regular full or partial age pension. It’s important to keep in mind that your allocated pension will last as long as you have savings in your superannuation account.

There’s a relationship between your balances, returns and how much you draw down as regular pension income that determines how long your money lasts. You need to incorporate a robust strategy to deal with the inevitable market crashes and ensure you are prepared so you can sleep at night and enjoy retirement.

With support from our financial advisers, we’ll help you structure your chosen investments in shares, property or bonds. We’ll also calculate your payments according to how much super you’re looking to withdraw, your investment earnings and how much you pay in fees.

Before arranging a consultation with our financial advisers, find out where you score on our financial fitness survey. Call us at Eclipse Financial Planning today.

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Fixed-term pensions offer more security as your income is guaranteed for a number of years, or the rest of your life. While a fixed-term pension is less flexible than an account-based pension, you can relax in the security of knowing that you will have a regular income. It’s possible to purchase an annuity in joint names and you can decide the payment amount and how frequently you receive it. Unlike the account-based pension, annuities aren’t affected by market share performance.

There are a number of pros and cons for choosing a fixed-term pension or an account-based pension. Get financial advice that’s tailored to you with our advisers in the Whitsundays, Gold Coast or South Brisbane from Eclipse Financial Planning.

Protect Against Crashes

When it comes to preserving your wealth and securing your financial future, you need assurance against market crashes. To protect our retirees’ portfolios, we use a ‘three bucket strategy’ approach at Eclipse Financial Planning. Our financial advisers advocate for retirees to keep 3 years’ worth of their required annual income in cash-based investments. While there’s low interest, it can provide a valuable safety net. 

The second tier is invested conservatively, and the third tier is targeted at investing in higher growth-oriented assets. 

Throughout the tech wrecks, global financial crisis and the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve protected the wealth of our clients. Don’t put off planning your retirement. Let’s work together to preserve the wealth you’ve worked hard to achieve. 

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