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Our Bowen team will assess your current financial situation to determine the most effective ways to help you reduce debt or structure your finances. We can also give you investment property advice tailored to your needs.

If your current financial scenario falls significantly short of your dream retirement, our advisers in Bowen can develop a tailored strategy to assist you in reaching your ideal lifestyle.

Financial advisors at our Bowen firm assist clients with the estate planning process and explain how superannuation, powers of attorney, advanced health directives and executors are handled.

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Tailored Financial Strategies

At Eclipse Financial Planning, we provide personalised, strategy-based financial planning. Bowen residents and businesses can tap into our financial services and investment advice. Depending on your situation, our mortgage brokers and financial advisors can help you with a variety of services, such as investing, TPD cover and Centrelink health cards, as well as wealth transfer and business succession.

With our relevant financial advice, you’ll be able to reach a number of financial goals—whether you’re paying off the mortgage, preparing for retirement or buying your first home. As a small, independent financial planning firm, we take the time to develop strategies that are tailored to our clients’ needs. Our financial advisors and mortgage brokers can determine how to maximise and protect your wealth based on your current financial status, income, expenses, age and occupation. Drop us a line to arrange a free consultation.

Start Investing in Your Future

Our Bowen financial advisors can help you invest in your future, as we serve clients from all economic backgrounds. Investing in superannuation and making contributions to the market are both subject to tax obligations. At Eclipse Financial Planning, we understand the ins and outs of this process. Let us reduce your tax bill so you can have more money to spend. Our advisers will guide you on key matters, such as what investments you should hold in superannuation, how to plan an estate and how to avoid leaving a tax bill for your beneficiaries.

We offer a free and easy online tool to help you plan for your financial future. After you fill out a few simple details, our consultants will provide comprehensive feedback on your financial situation. Get in touch with us at Eclipse Financial Planning in Bowen to discuss your options free of charge.

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Adaptable Financial Plans

Take control of your future with Eclipse Financial Planning’s personal financial consultants in Bowen. Together, we will provide financial advice and investment strategies tailored to your situation and help you realise your goals. Your financial adviser will adapt the financial plan as you move through different life stages. This will increase your return on investment, lower your risk and enable you to afford your dream lifestyle.

If you have never hired a consultant before, now is the time to do so! Our financial services are available to all income earners, so don’t hesitate to contact us today. Through structured planning and strategy-based advice, we have helped a number of commercial and personal clients build their wealth. Speak with a financial advisor or mortgage broker at Eclipse Financial Planning and take advantage of our free consultations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need TPD cover?

In the event of permanent disability, you will receive a lump sum payment if you are covered by TPD insurance. When planning for the future, you must consider the costs you and your family would incur if you become disabled and unable to work, including your mortgage, medical bills and retirement savings.

What is family business succession?

Assuring smooth succession for you and your successor can be made more accessible with a succession plan. You should develop a succession plan if you intend to pass your business on to family, employees or partners. It will allow you to adapt to the transition and familiarise your successor with their role going forward. At Eclipse Financial Planning in Bowen, our team can help you create this plan.

What does a mortgage broker do?

Brokers act as middlemen between you as the borrower and the banks. Brokers are responsible for assessing your personal circumstances, finding you the right loan product and negotiating instalment loan approvals and settlements.

How do I apply for a Centrelink Health Card?

We have financial advisors available in Bowen to help you apply for a Queensland Seniors Card, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card and Age Pension Card. We’ll walk you through the application process regardless of what eligibility requirements you need to meet, such as residence rules, identification requirements and income requirements.

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