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Discover Financial Planners in
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Our Solutions

Building Wealth

Couple Investments - Financial advisers In Whitsundays, QLD

Savings & Investment

We’ll take an overview of your financial history and position to determine how we can maximise your wealth to the best of our ability.

Old Couple Bike Ride - Financial advisers In Whitsundays, QLD


Are you contributing to the right super fund to suit your lifestyle and financial goals?

Mortgage & Loans - Financial advisers In Whitsundays, QLD

Mortgages & Loans

Find smarter ways to actively reduce your debt and build your wealth with negative gearing and property investment.

Protecting Lifestyle

Sharing A Drink With Grandma - Financial advisers In Whitsundays, QLD

Life Insurance & Income Protection

Don’t leave your family unprotected and without a source of income. With access to a number of providers, we’ll find the right insurance and income protection policy to suit you.

Preserving Wealth

Retirement - Financial advisers In Whitsundays, QLD


Get the right advice on pensions and how to protect yourself against market crashes.

Age Care - Financial advisers In Whitsundays, QLD

Aged Care

Make the most of your golden years in the Whitsundays with access to entitled benefits and aged care advice.

Financial Planning

Separation - Financial advisers In Whitsundays, QLD

Redundancy, Marriage & Divorce

Take a proactive approach to a sudden change in jobs, life events and spousal arrangements.

Wealth Transfer - Financial advisers In Whitsundays, QLD

Wealth Transfer & Inheritance

Plan ahead and we’ll help you transfer your assets to the next generation while ensuring you get a dignified retirement.

Planning Financial Plans - Financial advisers In Whitsundays, QLD

Financial Planning

Our projections take into account your age, occupation, income and expenses to determine your progress towards achieving your financial goals.

Group Meetings - Financial advisers In Whitsundays, QLD

Financial Strategies & Wealth Creation

Financial Advice You Can Count On

Fast track your wealth development and secure a financial future with relevant advice and support from our financial advisers at Eclipse Financial Planning. We provide a range of targeted financial planning services that aims to boost your prosperity, reduce debt, preserve your lifestyle and protect your wealth. Our advisers can help with your savings and investment, mortgages and loans, retirement planning, aged-care advice and wealth transfer.

We’re immensely proud to have built a reputation for providing an honest, transparent and integral service to our valued clients. Whether you’re a solo income earner, supporting a family, own a small business or operate a large-scale enterprise, we can help you reach your financial goals.

At Eclipse Financial Planning, we offer a free initial consultation to assess your current financial position and explore how we can assist you.

Targeted Advice & Support

Servicing Clients Throughout the Whitsundays

If you find yourself struggling to make headway with your savings or pay off existing debt, it can be stressful and overwhelming. At Eclipse Financial Planning in the Whitsundays, we strive to remove the stress from finances so you can focus on living your best life. Our financial advisers can develop a budget and savings plan according to your lifestyle, income, expenses and financial goals. Most importantly, as you transition through each stage of your life, we’ll make amendments to your financial plan as and when its needed.

Trying to find the right superannuation fund or insurance cover isn’t a straightforward process. There are a number of different providers and policies that offer their own unique pros and cons. We’ll work with you to narrow down the choices and find the right super fund or insurance policy to meet your requirements. 

To organise a free consultation with our financial advisers in the Whitsundays, don’t hesitate to speak to us today at Eclipse Financial Planning.

Team Planning - Financial advisers In Whitsundays, QLD
Working On Graphs - Financial advisers In Whitsundays, QLD

Respond & Adapt

Your Source of Financial Advice

We strive to go the extra mile to inspire confidence and reassurance that your money is in the right place. The financial world is complex and presents a myriad of options that can be difficult to navigate. At Eclipse Financial Planning, our goal is to simplify your finances and offer uncomplicated solutions to help you reach your dream lifestyle. As the finance market evolves and you go through different life stages, our financial advisers take a proactive and responsive approach to providing financial planning services in the Whitsundays.

If you’re starting out as a full-time employee, looking to raise a family or need assistance planning your retirement, we can help. Our advice is objective, targeted and personalised to suit your individual lifestyle, income, expenses and goals. We’ll assist you to select the right loan type, super fund, insurance policy and investments to help you make the most of your finances.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need to retire in the Whitsundays?

The sooner you start planning your retirement, the sooner you can secure a financially secure retirement in the Whitsundays. The amount you need to retire on depends on your existing financial position, income, expenses and how you plan to spend your retirement.

How can I stay up-to-date on the latest financial news in the Whitsundays?

As the financial market changes, we strive to stay ahead of the trends. Our financial advisers in the Whitsundays have recently published a number of educational articles and videos so all your financial news in the one place. 

If I get injured at my work or at home in the Whitsundays, how will I pay my mortgage?

There a number of life insurance and income protection policies to cover you if you’re physically unable to work in the Whitsundays. Income protection can provide up to 75% of your salary so you can continue to pay your bills and focus on recovery.

Should I manage a self-managed super fund in the Whitsundays?

A SMSF offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Tax flexibility
  • Greater investment control
  • Asset protection
  • Estate planning
  • Lowers on high balances

However, the time, effort and costs associated can be higher than choosing an industry super fund from your Whitsundays employer. We’ll be happy to explore your super fund options to find the right package for you.

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