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Discover Financial Planners on the Gold Coast

Discover Financial Planners on the Gold Coast

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Building Wealth

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We’ll help you find the right super fund to suit your lifestyle and goals.

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Savings & Investments

Understand your financial position, determine what problem areas require special attention and take charge of your financial future today.

Mortgage & Loans - Financial advisers In Whitsundays, QLD

Mortgages & Loans

We’ll develop a budget and spending plan, explore superannuation types and find ways to help reduce your debt.

Protecting Lifestyle

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Life Insurance & Income Protection

We provide objective advice on a range of life insurance and income protection policies to cover you if you’re unable to go to work. We can assist you to find the right TPD cover, trauma and critical illness insurance, child trauma cover and business keyperson insurance.

Preserving Wealth

Retirement - Financial advisers In Whitsundays, QLD


We’ll help ensure you’re receiving all the aged care benefits you’re entitled to including pension, health cards and advice.

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Aged Care

Our advisers can offer assistance to apply for the pension and get you prepared for retirement.

Financial Planning

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Redundancy, Marriage & Divorce

While you can’t plan for unexpected change, we can adapt to meet them when it happens. If you’re facing redundancy or divorce, your income situation will most likely be impacted.

Wealth Transfer - Financial advisers In Whitsundays, QLD

Wealth Transfer & Inheritance

If you’ve recently received an inheritance, know your tax implications and investment options.

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Financial Planning

We’ll adjust your financial plans to keep you on track to achieve your goals.

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Financial Advice & Planning

Personal & Commercial Clients

Whether your goal is to be debt free, build your investment portfolio or enjoy an early retirement, the team at Eclipse Financial Planning will be with you every step of the way. Our office on the Gold Coast works with a number of clients to provide relevant and unbiased financial advice and support to help you achieve your short and long-term financial goals. We’ll take the time to work closely with you to develop a structured financial plan that’s based on your individual circumstances and goals.

Navigating the finance world presents a number of complexities and challenges. But with our personal finance advisers and mortgage brokers on your side, we’ll help you achieve a financially stable future for you and your family. Need to organise a successor for your business? We can do that too.

Promoting your financial well-being and understanding your needs is top priority at Eclipse Financial Planning. We take great pride in providing quality customer care for all our Gold Coast clients.

Our Financial Services

You Come First

At Eclipse Financial Planning, we work for a number of clients throughout the Gold Coast. Our goal is to build wealth, protect your lifestyle and preserve your wealth. That’s why we tailor our financial services to align with your vision. We understand that as you advance through different life stages, your priorities may change, and your finances will fluctuate. You can trust that we’ll adapt your plan accordingly and work hard to keep you on track to meet your goals. Our range of services include, but aren’t limited to superannuation, life insurance and income protection, retirement planning, financial planning and wealth transfer.

Our office on the Gold Coast is dedicated to providing you with the attention you deserve to help ensure you achieve your desired lifestyle. We’re a small team of passionate financial planners with access to more than 1,200 approved investment and insurance products from various providers. Book a free consultation with us today!

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Uncomplicate Your Finances

Flexible & Simple Solutions

For an honest, objective and tailored approach to managing your finances, book a free consultation with our advisers at Eclipse Financial Planning. Situated on the sunny Gold Coast, we’d love to meet you over a coffee to discuss your financial position and explore how we can help you. If your goal is to pay off your mortgage or buy your first investment property on the Gold Coast, we’ll work with you to make your dream a reality.

We value our client relationships so you can trust that we’ll work closely with you to understand your goals, determine your existing financial situation and implement strategies to get you a positive result. Our financial advisers are on hand 5 days a week to provide advice on investment strategies and get you ahead of your finances. To make an appointment, don’t hesitate to call Eclipse Financial Planning on the Gold Coast.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I hire a financial adviser on the Gold Coast?

Anyone that earns an income can benefit from hiring a financial adviser. We assist clients who need to save for retirement, investment help or looking to make a significant financial decision, i.e. buying a home on the Gold Coast. Financial advisers can save you time and money as well as help you avoid tax pitfalls and liabilities.

Do you offer estate planning on the Gold Coast

Yes, we offer wealth transfer, inheritance services and estate planning for clients throughout the Gold Coast. If you need to organise a family business succession plan in the event of your passing, we can do that too.

When should I start saving for retirement on the Gold Coast?

Right now! The sooner you start planning for retirement, the more time your money has to grow so you can reap the rewards of your hard work. If you haven’t begun saving money for your retirement, make an appointment with our financial advisers on the Gold Coast.

I want to retire on the Gold Coast, how do I know what superannuation provider is right for me?

There are a number of superannuation types available to you with each one presenting varying pros and cons. We’ll sit with you at our Gold Coast office to narrow down your choices to find you the right superannuation fund and help make the most out of your financial situation.

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