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Uncomplicate your finances and focus on living your best life with Eclipse Financial Planning. With three offices in The Whitsundays, we are available to help local investors, business and homeowners and ordinary income earners strengthen their financial situation. We take a personal, client-focused approach to tailor our financial services and help you reach your goal at every stage of life. Our advisers will work with you to build and preserve your wealth and protect your lifestyle. If you’re ready to take charge and build yourself a financially secure future, speak to us at Eclipse Financial Planning. We operate offices in South Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and in the Whitsundays region, including Airlie Beach, Proserpine and Bowen.

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Starting Out

Whether you’re a regular income earner, looking to invest, or simply wanting to reduce accumulated debt, our financial advisers can help. We’ll teach you how to start forming good habits to build yourself a strong foundation for the future. At Eclipse Financial Planning, our planners can sit with you to deliver realistic and relevant advice to help you realise your goals. Most importantly, as your life changes, so will our plan. We’ll take into account new jobs, income status and plans for the future to outline a detailed approach for your life.

Raising Kids

Parenthood puts a lot into perspective, especially your financial situation. This stage of your life is critical to progression. Working hard now and making smart decisions with Eclipse Financial Planning is the right move to achieving your goals. You can relax knowing your personal financial planner will monitor your savings and investments for you so you can focus on your family.

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Building Wealth

At Eclipse Financial Planning, making your money work harder for you is a core part of our role. Our financial advisers will gather an overview of your current financial situation to tailor a personalised budget and spending plan to help give your savings a boost. We can provide investment advice that’s suitable to your budget while still offering secure returns. We can also evaluate your current superannuation fund to determine if it’s the right fund for you. Struggling to pay off existing debt? Our debt reduction strategies are available to help take the stress out of paying a mortgage.

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Get Your Free Financial Fitness Score and Personalised Report

Whats your financial fitness score?

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Planning Retirement

You’ve worked hard all your life and the golden years are just within reach! We’ll monitor and review your progress to ensure you’re on track for a secure and comfortable retirement. Our financial consultants will be available to discuss the types of pensions available to you and investment strategies to protect your wealth against potential market crashes. If you own a family business, we can discuss with you a succession plan to help prepare your successor to take on your role.

Active Retirees

Whether you’re looking to buy a caravan and hit the open road as a grey nomad or settle down in a comfortable family home close to your grandkids, we’re here for you. At Eclipse Financial Planning, we’ll assist you to ensure you’re receiving all your entitled benefits including your pension. We believe it’s time you put your feet up and enjoy your retirement knowing your finances are in safe hands with our financial advisers.

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Twilight Years

Choose to spend your days with your family, on the beautiful Whitsundays beach or meeting your friends for lunch—you’re living the lifestyle you’ve worked hard to deserve. To help ensure your family will be looked after in the event of your passing, our financial consultants can provide estate planning advice so you can approach a legal expert with confidence and ensure your remaining assets go to your direct family.